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From struggling for patients to having more than he can handle

Caleb Sim, CEO, GENIA

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Why do some businesses succeed with SEO and others fail?

The answer lies in starting off with the right keyword strategy and building links that actually matter.

Not sure what I’m talking about but curious how Vitality Chiropractic Centres reached a point where they have more patients they can handle?

What if I told you that not all traffic sources are equal?

And there are traffic sources that drive leads that are of much better quality and are more likely to buy from you?

Would that grab your attention?

Would that relieve you of the stress of having to spend more and more money on Facebook and Google Ads?

Would that relieve you of the pain of wasting time on low-quality leads who don’t even remember filling up your lead form?

Yes? Sweet.

Then it’s time you learn how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) changed this Chiropractic Clinic forever.

SEO is the science of ranking web pages on the first page of Google’s search results for specific search queries.

SEO’s unfair advantage over all other marketing channels is that the traffic is made up of users who are looking to buy.

Users who are in pain and are looking for a solution to solve their problem right away.

Unlike Social Media advertising where you display your solution to people you believe need your service, SEO is displaying your solution to people who are looking for you.

Dr Shaan of Vitality Chiropractic recognised this and attempted to get on the first page of Google with a different SEO agency before us.

Vitality Chiropractic’s Big Problem

Chiropractic is competitive in Singapore.

Chiropractors here generally have huge advertising budgets and frequently advertise huge discounts off their consultations on Facebook, turning Chiropractic into a commodity.

Patients who turn up for consultations are very often bargain hunters or people who don’t have the right understanding of Chiropractic. 

They come in looking for a crack and are not willing to pay a premium to take their lives back.

Dr Shaan saw this and hired an SEO agency that specialises in Chiropractic marketing.

He ended up wasting 6 months and losing $6000 but worse than those, he lost the opportunity to work with more patients and grow his practice.

Because the agency failed to place him on the first page of Google for significant keywords, he had to continue advertising discounts.

Not all SEOs are created equal – Why the SEO agency failed to deliver results

They didn’t conduct a thorough keyword research on Singapore’s market.

They didn’t know what keywords Singaporeans were searching for when they’re in need of a Chiropractor.

They went with keywords they believed people would use without looking at the data.

Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

Even though they managed to get onto the first page for certain keywords, these terms have no search volume.

The average person doesn’t know that Chiropractors solve TMJ, Vertigo and therefore will not make such a search.

Very often SEO agencies ‘con’ clients into believing they’re delivering results with such keywords.

Ranking on the first page for keywords with no searches does absolutely nothing!

The image below show the search volume for one of the keywords that were being targeted

Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

When an SEO campaign is built on the wrong foundations, targeting the wrong keywords, it’s never going to be successful.

Taking back lost time with Semantic Optimisation

Google only places the best websites and content on their first pages.

They rank websites based on the quality of a website’s content and the quantity and quality of backlinks.

Using our proprietary Semantic Gap Analysis, we identified keywords that patients with real problems are searching, and what we were lacking in terms of content and backlinks.

Based on the data gathered from the analysis, we produced better content than our competition and acquired links that search engines trust.

Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

Reaping the rewards became the domain that Google trusts, the domain that Google displays when people search for anything related to Chiropractic (in Singapore)

Their search traffic shot up from 178 monthly users to 688 in 7 months, a 386% increase.

Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

The story doesn’t end there.

4 months later, 688 monthly users shot up to 1929.

In just 11 months, we increased their web traffic by 1080%.

Content Marketing Distribution Strategy

They’ve even reached a point where they cannot take on more marketing as they have more patients than they can handle!

Here’s what Dr Shaan had to say about us

‘The best way to grow my practice is to be found whenever people are searching for solutions to their health problems. We’ve tried social media and even another SEO Agency before GENIA but did not manage to get the results we were looking for. We wasted a lot of time and money but more importantly, the opportunity to work with more patients. GENIA has massively increased our leads and sales through just organic traffic from Google and unlike our competitors, we don’t have to advertise heavily or offer huge discounts. We’re getting calls and enquiries everyday now and I need another doctor!’

If you’re ready to 10x your web traffic, leads and sales, book a call here.

For many small business owners, getting started on social media can be a little daunting, especially when you are boot-strapped or face lack of manpower and time. However, it does not have to cost very much to grow your business on social media such as LinkedIn. 

Here are 15 ways on how small businesses can grow their connections organically on LinkedIn.

  1. Define your purpose.

Identify at which stage of your marketing funnel you want your business to focus on and set goals to reach them. Is it to build awareness of your business, garner more engagement or convert people to transact with you? Knowing your business goal will help you work on a strategic social media strategy that will produce successful outcomes at every stage of the funnel.

  1. Build a LinkedIn business page.

According to Forbes, only 57% of companies have business pages. The remaining 43% are missing out on a free opportunity to generate leads, talent, and, ultimately, revenue. A business page allows you to post content, advertise your solutions and how it can alleviate your target audience’s pain points. While building your own LinkedIn personal page is important, a business page allows you to focus on providing value-added information that your customers can relate to.

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