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“It’s always 10x more valuable for a business to grow faster
than it is for the business to save money.”

 Why offer SEO?

SEO is easily one of the most valuable services you can offer to your clients. The all-encompassing qualities of SEO truly make it indispensable to anyone serious about growing their business.


Why be an SEO Services Reseller?

If SEO isn’t your core competency, don’t risk your reputation by providing the service on your own. Many of our clients come to us after failing with other agencies, wasting months and thousands of dollars. Do not be one of those agencies that provide the service without the capability to deliver results. SEO is hard work. Outsource the job to a reliable and competent team.

Content strategy and Keyword Research

SEO when done right brings about incredible results and value to your clients. Once they’re in, they’re in for the long haul!

Google’s algorithms are changing every other day and our specialists are on the job to keep your business afloat the sea of content every single day.

Become a truly indispensable service to your clients.

Adding SEO to your cart of services will put your business shoulders above any of your competitors.

Businesses are often looking for all-in-one services providers who can fulfil all their needs. Outsourcing SEO allows you to focus on your core competencies while diversifying your offerings, raising the quality of your service altogether.

White Label SEO: We do the work, you take the credit.

White Label SEO refers to hiring a professional Search Engine Optimization agency to provide SEO solutions to your customers, and doing this all under your brand name!

Why you should engage
White Label SEO Services.


Building an in-house

SEO team is expensive

When working with us, you’ll have a whole team to manage your campaigns continuously, focusing on improving and maintaining your rankings on a daily basis. This means tireless hours of not only creating a personalised SEO strategy but also monitoring and improving for the best results.

The cost of outsourcing does not come close to what you’d incur by hiring a team of specialists in-house!


Managing an

SEO team is a difficult job

SEO specialists have incredibly vast technical skills and knowledge. To be able to adequately manage a team of specialists requires good knowledge of the subject itself. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to communicate goals, track progress and deliver clear reports.

Outsourcing the job automatically adds a whole team of technical specialists to campaign managers who will see each project from start to finish!


Focus on your Core Competencies

Public Relations? Social Media Marketing? Facebook & Google Ads? Keep doing what you do best and let us do the rest!

Diversifying your services shouldn’t come at the expense of your core activities. Outsourcing SEO services will free your resources to focus on other key aspects of your business to provide higher value-added services.


We’ve had our own experience outsourcing our SEO services before and here’s a couple of lessons we’ve learned.

SEO is not magic! Avoid any agencies that aren’t transparent about their processes.

The process of optimising your site to drive organic traffic is a difficult task. Good SEO requires an extensive understanding of how search engines operate and are constantly adapting techniques according to Google’s constantly changing algorithms.

SEOs that claim to have exclusive knowledge of these algorithms could be using damaging practices such as keyword stuffing and spammy links which could lead to search engines penalising your website. These techniques could either do nothing to improve the website, or worse, go in violation of Google’s rules and if malpractice is observed, it will set back any progress made with SEO and reduce your organic traffic.

Don’t just go for the cheap agency.

SEO companies promoting ridiculously low rates often underdeliver. With SEO, you get what you pay for. You’d either be compromising on the quality of service or customer experience, neither of which you’d want as it could seriously tarnish your brand reputation.

A good agency should be more than willing to explain the costs to you. Don’t be intimidated by the cost and feel free to ask questions. When will I be able to see results? How much do your SEO services cost? What experience do you have with our industry?

Look for Case Studies, Past Performances and Client Testimonials.

At GENIA, we have cultivated strong relationships and achieved solid results for our clients. We value the integrity of our work and are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals in a sustainable and realistic way.

Our testimonials speak for themselves!

We’ve worked with Caleb and his team on our website and now on SEO. His efforts in SEO have noticeably increased traffic and leads coming through our website. He has been great to work with and we value his counsel gleaned from past clients, flexibility and ability to get things done

Jocelyn Ng-Foo

Founder & Managing Partner, LivingWord Communications

Almost 90% of our new business comes from our website. GENIA has done a great job in delivering leads and traffic. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for digital marketing services. Good job!

Michael Sim
CEO, Praise Music School

I have worked with another SEO company before, specific to my field and niche (Vitality Chiropractic). Caleb and GENIA conducted far more research, producing more relevant terms and avenues to explore. In the first 2 months they produced better results than 6 months with the previous company, for more difficult search terms with more visitors, and were more knowledgeable and supportive in ways we can make improvements ourselves. Highly recommended.

Dr Shaan Rai
Founder & Director, Vitality Chiropractic Centres

We worked with a SEO agency before working with GENIA but did not manage to achieve the growth we wished for. Since we started working with GENIA, our rankings and traffic have climbed significantly and we have also seen an increase in calls and incoming patients. GENIA has been a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend them to any chiropractors or physiotherapists serious about growing their practice.

Dr Michael Bryant
Founder & Director, Elite Spine Centres

What GENIA can do for you?


Identify what your Ideal Customers are Searching for


Produce compelling, Searchable Content


Outrank your Competitors


Massively increase your Web Traffic, Leads and Sales

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