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19 May, Tues: 2pm-5pm (Zoom)

By the end of the workshop, you will

1. Understand SEO and Search Engines ranking algorithms

2. Know what tools to use for your SEO campaign

3. Understand the importance of keyword research and be able to identify keywords that your prospective customers are using to find you

4. Understand the importance of On-page optimisation and know how to optimise your web pages to give users a better experience and to rank well on Google

5. Understand the importance of Off-page optimisation and know how to acquire backlinks that are essential in getting your website to rank 

6. Understand the importance of becoming a content hub and know the exact steps to become one

Who should attend?

1. Business owners who want to rank on the first page of Google without engaging an SEO Company.

2. Business owners who are looking to engage an SEO Company and want to understand what they’re paying for and be able to ensure that the company delivers.

3. Business owners who are looking for ideas to increase website traffic, leads and sales.

What past attendees have to say


It’s such a rare and valuable opportunity to learn from the self-taught SEO expert Caleb. Even after running my business for the last 3 years, I realize that there’s so much more to learn from his workshop. It was systematic, comprehensive and hands-on, you even get the chance to learn how to do your own SEO research. Thanks to Caleb, I now know what it means to be marketing to people who actually want to buy from me. It makes the lead conversion so much easier, compared to trying to convince my cold Facebook/Instagram leads.

Sherlyn Koh
CEO, Auston Institute

Attended GENIA’s SEO training conducted by Caleb and learnt a lot of immediate implementable tools and knowledge. Our corporate site loads faster and site visits have increased just after a week!

Andy Prakash
CEO, Privacy Ninja

I have worked with another SEO company before, specific to my field and niche. In this workshop, Caleb and Genia were much more open about the steps we could take ourselves instead of being secretive about the ‘secret sauce’ of how to be successful in SEO. Highly recommended for new and established companies

Dr Shaan Rai
Founder & Director, Vitality Chiropractic Centres

I had the pleasure of attending Caleb’s SEO workshop, teaching business owners how to rank themselves higher in the google search. Caleb is very experienced and has a vast knowledge of identifying and applying what SEO strategies work for different business. Through his case studies during the workshop, I have identified the areas of improvement for my own business. He is great to work with and make the effort to give you value and doesn’t hold back on teaching you all that you need to learn.Dr Shaan Rai

Founder, One Button Film

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19 May, Tues: 2pm-5pm (Zoom)

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