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Proprietary ‘Organic Authority Report’ Reveals How Businesses Generate Consistent Sales Every Single Month With Semantic SEO

Right now, our clients all over Singapore are pulling in the lion’s share of the best customers in their industries.

Customers and clients with hands already in their wallets, actively looking to solve their problems.

They’re doing it without Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising and a large marketing budget. 

And more importantly, without relying on referrals or ‘Word of mouth’ marketing.

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Nearly every single week, their inbox looks something like this:

Leads Image 3


Leads Image 4


Lead Image 5

Because their Organic Traffic Growth look like this

Leads Image


Leads Image


Leads Image 2

Their phones blow up regularly with calls from people who are interested and excited to learn more.

Notifications flood their inbox as customers make purchases online.

Their calendars get packed throughout the week.

Any sense of frustration, concern and desperation they once felt vanishes as an abundance of sales and sales opportunities pour in.

They no longer have to hard sell to leads or deal with low paying clients – they have options.

Leads and Sales are No Longer Finite Resources

Some of them raise their prices to match the demand, some stop other marketing channels as they’re getting more customers than they can handle.

Looking at how consistent and predictable sales are, they all ask the same question

‘Where were all these buyers hiding all this time?’

The answer is simple, the buyers were not hiding, but rather, the business was hiding.

They were nowhere to be found when the buyers were searching.

SEO Services in Singapore

You need to turn your Website into a Revenue-Generating Machine

Every single day, regardless of the situation, there are hundreds if not thousands of buyers out there looking to buy what you sell.

You’re handing all these potential clients right to your competitors on a silver platter by not showing up on Google’s first page.

You’re not only giving them sales, you’re giving them the ability to build up their track record, build up their marketing war chest and build up their brand.

While they are virtually guaranteed revenue by being on the first page and receiving all the organic traffic, you’re praying that a referral will come by.

While they’re certain that they’ll make an additional 6 figures in the coming month, you’re uncertain if your revenue will even remain.


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SEO Services in Singapore

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CEO - The Genia





Dear Fellow business owner,

We use Semantic SEO to turn $1 into $5, $10, $50 or even $200!

So, if you have a $2000 marketing budget, we can turn that into more than $10,000 of revenue and in some cases, even $200,000!

How does that sound as an investment in your growth?

I’d say it’s the best you can ever make, whether on a personal or a business level.

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IF this Sounds Familiar, You’re Not Alone


Have you been heavily reliant on referrals, or ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing to get you to where you are?

While the best leads do come from referrals, referrals alone cannot scale your business.

It’s unpredictable and unscalable.

Do you feel like you aren’t in control of your business as you don’t have a proven system in place to acquire clients, and there’s nothing you can do to turn on the tap?

Or have you tried running paid ads but haven’t gotten the results you were hoping for – low quality leads, rising lead cost or got no leads at all?

Or do you feel like you don’t have a marketing budget big enough to bring impactful growth?

Some of you might even be spending a considerable sum on marketing on your own or with a marketing agency but it doesn’t seem to have any real impact on your bottom line.

A business can only scale when there’s consistency and predictability in sales, and that’s what Semantic SEO is built to do.


From 916 Monthly Traffic and 6 leads

Monthly Leads

To 1150 Monthly Traffic and 36 leads

Monthly Leads 2

To 2300 Monthly Traffic and 72 leads

Monthly Leads

According to Michael, the owner of the business, they convert 12 out of the 72 leads they receive monthly.

12 x $20,000 = $240,000.

That’s $240,000 in monthly sales from Semantic SEO!


These SEO agencies or SEO consultants do what I call ‘Traditional SEO’

Traditional SEO, especially among SEO agencies, is an attempt to manipulate search engines into ranking websites on Page 1.

This is done through keyword stuffing, spammy link building in massive quantities and worthless keyword guarantees.

Traditional SEO gets hit by Google’s Algorithm updates.

Traditional SEO makes your content read silly.

Traditional SEO is like a black hole, you never know if it’ll work or not as you don’t know if you’ve done enough to beat the competition.

Semantic SEO, on the other hand, our proprietary method, is the process of optimising websites to perfection, becoming the best option for Google to display on Page 1.

Semantic SEO is rarely affected by algorithm updates.

Semantic SEO produces content that appeals to both Google and your users.

Semantic SEO shows exactly what kind of content is needed – the number of words, the words and phrases, the topics and much more.

Semantic SEO shows exactly the type and number of backlinks that are needed to overtake the competition.

Semantic SEO is a predictable way to reach the first page of Google where the hungry buyers hangout and spend money.



Keyword Stuffing

Spammy Link Building

Worthless Keyword Guarantees

Regularly affected by Algorithm Updates

Makes your content read silly.

A Black Hole

You never know if it’ll work or not as you don’t know if you’ve done enough to beat the competition.



Optimising websites to perfection, becoming

the best option for Google to display on page 1

Rarely affected by algorithm updates

Produces content that appeals to both Google and your users


Know exactly how many backlinks, what type of links, how much content, what type of content


Semantic SEO is about turning your website into a powerhouse for your business that consistently generates revenue on autopilot.

It’s about having a peace of mind, never having to worry about where your next lead or sale is coming from.

It’s about growing the business, hiring more staff and reaching out to more people and benefit them with what you’re offering.

It’s about scaling the business predictably.

SEO Services Singapore


Are you beginning to see how easy and predictable it can be to show up on the first page of Google and multiply your traffic, leads and sales?

Are you seeing how easily you can have a website that generates revenue consistently without you having to hard sell to leads and beg them to buy?

You’ll never have to worry about leads and sales as they become predictable.

You’ll get to experiment with different products and services, and even business ideas without fear as you know your business is healthy and thriving.

And best of all…

For a limited time, I’d love to hand you the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter, for FREE.

I’ll give you our proprietary Organic Authority Report, a report specifically customised to your business that details everything you need to do to reach the top spot of Google and turn your website into a 6 figure revenue generator.

What Our Clients Say

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.

Dr Ryan Yun

GENIA has more than 3x our organic traffic in just 5 months.

We’re seeing significant increase in leads and sales! If you’re looking for real business growth, work with them.

Jocelyn Ng-Foo

We’ve worked with Caleb and his team on our website and now on SEO. His efforts in SEO have noticeably increased traffic and leads coming through our website. He has been great to work with and we value his counsel gleaned from past clients, flexibility and ability to get things done.

Michael Sim

Almost 90% of our new business comes from digital marketing. GENIA has done a great job in delivering leads and traffic. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for digital marketing services. Good job

Dr Shaan Rai

The best way to grow my practice is to be found whenever people are searching for solutions to their health problems. We’ve tried social media and even another SEO Agency before GENIA but did not manage to get the results we were looking for. We wasted a lot of time and money but more importantly, the opportunity to work with more patients. GENIA has massively increased our leads and sales through just organic traffic from Google and unlike our competitors, we don’t have to advertise heavily or offer huge discounts.

We’re getting calls and enquiries everyday now and I need another doctor!

Dr Michael Bryant

We worked with a SEO agency before working with GENIA but did not manage to achieve the growth we wished for. Since we started working with GENIA, our rankings and traffic have climbed significantly and we have also seen an increase in calls and incoming patients. GENIA has been a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend them to any chiropractors or physiotherapists serious about growing their practice.

Michael Lin

It’s been 9 months working with GENIA and they’ve increased our traffic by 151% and 12x our leads, generating us $240,000/month. I spend more than 3k/month on paid traffic but for the entire year so far, every single sale was a lead generated by SEO.

If you aren’t working with GENIA, you’re probably wasting money and depriving yourself of sales.

ORGANIC AUTHORITY REPORT: The Closest thing to Free Money you’ll ever see.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Organic Authority Report:

✅ A detailed review of your business and a breakdown of your website.

✅ Technical and content flaws that are holding you back from Page 1.

✅ An analysis of your closest competitors, identifying their marketing strategy and what drives them traffic and sales.

✅ A deep dive into your target market – what they’re searching for, what questions they’re asking.

✅ The type of content you should be producing to ensure that you appear on on Google and that you give value to your audience.

✅ A detailed breakdown of Semantic SEO and what you need to do to overtake your competitors and get the traffic, leads and sales that they’re getting.

100% actionable information that you can take and scale your business right away.

Actionable information that will

1️⃣ Place you on the first page of Google, in front of thousands of hungry buyers with their hands in their wallets

2️⃣ Drive up your organic traffic, resulting in a massive increase in leads

3️⃣ Transform your website into 6 or 7 figure revenue generating machine

4️⃣ Consistently flood your business with leads and sales

All this, for FREE!


What’s my hidden agenda?

I want to build trust with you, give you a ton of value and if and when you ever decide to really scale your business, I’ll be the first name that comes to mind.

Sounds fair enough?

SEO Services Singapore

However, This Is Not For Everyone

I’m not saying that for fun. I mean it.

Semantic SEO works best for businesses who

✅ Have actual paying customers

✅ Doing 6 or 7 figures in annual sales that are ready to scale

✅ Willing to invest at least $1k/month on marketing

✅ May have failed at SEO with other agencies

✅ Are willing to work with experts


❌ Self employed

❌ Dropshippers/ Amazon sellers

❌ Looking for short term leads and sales

❌ Businesses struggling financially

❌ Businesses doing under $8k/month

❌ Business owners looking for the cheapest SEO (Fiverr is the perfect place for that)

❌ Business owners who know it all

SEO is a marathon and not a sprint – Results don’t come in a month or two.

Results may take 3 months, 6 months or even a year, depending on your industry, your website’s current situation and your marketing budget.

To achieve the results you want, you’ll have to open your mind and accept that your current methods may not be the right way.

You’ll need to be willing to take action and change, perhaps radically, to see great results.

You must expand your horizons to adopt new and innovative marketing strategies that can grow your business exponentially.

You need to be committed.

If you’re not willing to do all that, I’m sorry to say this, but this report won’t do you any good.

But if you’re ready to kick your business into overdrive and scale your revenue, request your Organic Authority Report.

Claim Your FREE Organic Authority Report

(Limited Time Offer)

For a limited time, I’m offering a FREE Organic Authority Report where I’ll break down in detail everything you need to do to scale your business with Semantic SEO.

My team spends at least an hour coming up with the personalised report and we can’t be spending all our time on free reports.

We’ll limit it to 4 reports every week.

We’ve had a lot of people claim their report over the last few weeks and very soon we’ll start charging for it. (I’m thinking $97 or something)

If you’re serious about growing your business, I suggest you fill up the application form before we reach our limit as thousands of people will be seeing this message, including your competitors.

Just click the button below, fill in the application form, and we’ll be in touch!


1. You leave this page and carry on with life.

You’ll ignore that nagging thought that this could be the game changer that finally brings consistency and predictability to your business and life.

You’ll try to forget everything I just said about how you could be right in front of your customers whenever they’re looking for a solution.

If that’s what you’re happy to do, sure.

But before you decide, think about this.

You’re handing customers on a silver platter to your competitors.

You’re allowing them to build their business and widen the gap between them and you.

If you have a better product or service than them, you’re doing a major disservice to people who are really in need of your solution.

2. You make a small but pivotal decision for yourself, your staff and your family, and request the Organic Authority Report.

You take the exact same strategy an exclusive group of businesses are using to bring consistency and growth to their business and apply it on your own business.

Imagine this:

Having thousands of active buyers visiting your website, eager to find out what you offer.

Having certainty that every single month, you’ll have a consistent channel driving you leads and sales.

Going for sales meetings completely relaxed knowing that you have many other opportunities to close.

Reducing your overall marketing spend as organic traffic alone is already driving more sales than you can handle.

Does that sound good?

This isn’t a dream, it’s a reality for many of our clients.

And remember, right now, there’s no risk. The Organic Authority Report is free for now.

All you need to do is to hit that red button and request your report.

To your success,

Caleb Sim


SEO Singapore Services FAQ


How is Your Singapore SEO Agency different from others?

For a start, we’re one of the few agencies, if not the only SEO agency in Singapore that specialises completely in SEO.

Every single member of our team works on your website, a specialist for content, a specialist for On Page SEO and technical SEO issues and a specialist for link building.

Other SEO agencies have generalists doing multiple things, from Social Media Marketing to advertising to email marketing.

A digital marketing agency that does everything is probably good at nothing.

We’re not here to help you run entire marketing campaigns, we’re here to help you skyrocket your search traffic, bring you a consistent source of leads and to transform your website into a 6 or 7 figure revenue generator for your business.

Secondly, Semantic SEO is unique to us. It’s a technique developed by myself that has resulted in millions in revenue for ourselves and our clients.

Are you a full digital marketing agency?

No, we’re purely an SEO agency staffed only with SEO experts.

We do just one thing – Search Engine Optimisation.

We do not provide any other digital marketing services besides SEO.

We’re not like the many digital marketing agencies you see all over Singapore

Do you provide (Search Engine Marketing) SEM services?

Still no, we are completely focused on driving you organic trafic!

Every dollar we earn in GENIA is from SEO alone – We’re a true SEO specialist.

How long will it take for your SEO services to get me on the first page of search results?

It really depends on multiple factors like your websites current situation, your competition and your budget for SEO.

Some of our clients see results in a month or two, some in 4-6 months, some more.

What will my Return On Investment (ROI) be?

Again, it depends on the factors listed above.

We have clients who see more than 200x returns on what they invest with us.

How much will my website traffic increase by?

It depends on your industry, how many people are searching and how in-demand your offering is.

Some of our clients see more than 10x increase in their website traffic.

Does being on the first page of Google guarantee sales?

Not exactly.

Firstly, you’ve gotta be on the first page for keywords with substantial organic search – there’s no point being on the first page for some obscure keyword that no one searches (common SEO consultant/ SEO agency scam)

Secondly, your website has to convert, and that’s where your copy comes into place.

Websites are traditionally like brochures, selling specifications and boring information.

That’s what everyone does and is the reason conversion rates on websites are terribly low.

Your copy has to sell emotionally, reminding your market of the pain they’re in, the heaven you’re gonna bring them to, and you’ll have to show logically how you’re able to take them to where they want to be.

We’re probably the only SEO agency that will write copy like that because to us first page is not success – you making crazy money is success to us. 

What is Semantic SEO?

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Semantic Gap Analysis
  3. On Page and Technical SEO
  4. Data Drive Quality Content
  5. Link Build

There are many SEO consultants in Singapore, why should we choose you?

  1. We’re specialists, not generalists.
  2. We deliver real results – leads and sales, not just page 1 rankings in search results

Do you do web design and web development?

We’re so specialised in SEO services that we do not even do web design.

We work with partners who specialise in web design and if that’s what you need, we’ll refer you to them.

What if my industry is extremely competitive?

We help businesses in competitive spaces dominate the competition with Semantic SEO all the time.

We’ll advise on the budget required and the expected timeframe to see results.

We’ll help you dominate the competition with thorough keyword research, Semantic Gap Analysis, quality content and link building.

How much does your SEO service cost?

Our services (SEO packages) start from $1500/month.

The bigger the package, the more links we’re able to built and the faster the results.

Based on your current situation – your revenue, your goals and your industry our SEO consultants will advise you on the best package to work with.

Do you only do local SEO?

Search results are different in different countries. Each country needs SEO done on it by creating a local presence on Google.

We do both local and international SEO.

Do you offer any guarantees?

No. SEO agencies offer a guarantee to make life easier for themselves.

They’ll usually choose easy keywords to rank for that sometimes have little to no search volume.

Without a guarantee, we can go for keywords that will bring in actual organic traffic resulting in real leads, real sales and an increase in revenue.

How much does SEO cost in Singapore?

SEO services in Singapore can start from as low as $200/month.

If your focus is on cheap, I’d recommend Fiverr, they’ve got SEO for as low as even $5.

But know this, not every SEO can get you on the first page, not every SEO can identify the right keywords and not every SEO can keep you there.

Also, getting to the first page of search engines is one thing, having copy to convert the traffic is another.

Like how the copy on this page is about to convert you into a lead, we’ll help you convert your traffic into actual leads and finally, paying clients for your business.