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“It’s always 10x more valuable for a business to grow faster than it is for the business to save money.”

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For many small business owners, getting started on social media can be a little daunting, especially when you are boot-strapped or face lack of manpower and time. However, it does not have to cost very much to grow your business on social media such as LinkedIn. 

Here are 15 ways on how small businesses can grow their connections organically on LinkedIn.

  1. Define your purpose.

Identify at which stage of your marketing funnel you want your business to focus on and set goals to reach them. Is it to build awareness of your business, garner more engagement or convert people to transact with you? Knowing your business goal will help you work on a strategic social media strategy that will produce successful outcomes at every stage of the funnel.

  1. Build a LinkedIn business page.

According to Forbes, only 57% of companies have business pages. The remaining 43% are missing out on a free opportunity to generate leads, talent, and, ultimately, revenue. A business page allows you to post content, advertise your solutions and how it can alleviate your target audience’s pain points. While building your own LinkedIn personal page is important, a business page allows you to focus on providing value-added information that your customers can relate to.

Online and offline advertising
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Online and offline advertising

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Upcoming FREE SEO Masterclass

 26 May, Tues: 2pm-5pm

 Caleb Sim


Corporate SEO Services

Grow your business with our SEO Company

If you’re looking to grow your sales, improve the quality of leads, or take your revenue to another level, search engine optimization (SEO) has to be part of your plans.

SEO – The most powerful form of marketing

SEO is the essence of intent marketing – marketing that meets prospects at their intent. It could be a product, a service or just information, something they want or need at that moment.

While well-defined buyer personas do reveal some intent, the timing may be off. Take businesses for examples, all businesses need corporate secretaries but not all of them are in the market for one. However, business owners searching the keyphrase ‘corporate secretaries’ are definitely looking for one. This is why SEO is the most powerful form of marketing and the reason 61% of marketers say SEO is their top inbound marketing priority.

Never ending ROI

Unlike advertising, SEO provides free and unlimited leads from Google. You will never have to pay for impressions or clicks, and never have your website taken off for maximising your ad budget. Even if you were to stop SEO, you would still get traffic, leads and sales from your website. According to Moz, it is one of the only marketing channels that can continue to pay you dividends over time.

SEO inbound marketing priority
SEO services in Singapore

What GENIA can do for you

Identify what your ideal customers are searching for

When you know what questions and solutions your target market is searching, you will be able to produce content that matches their intent and optimise your web pages for these key phrases.

Improve brand awareness and recognition

By constantly appearing for many searches, you’ll stay at the top-of-mind for many potential customers of yours. Your brand will be something they’re used to seeing. On top of that, people trust Google. Data shows that users trust businesses that come up on top of search results. Your brand will be given the credibility it deserves.

Massively increase your web traffic, leads and sales

With a well-executed SEO campaign, you will see a massive surge in web traffic. With an increase in web traffic, you will naturally have more people contacting you, more people making purchases, more people engaging your services.

Outrank your competitors

It doesn’t matter if you do not believe in SEO, your competitors do. If you do not place your company with them or above them, you’ll be handing customers over to your competitors on a platter. With us, we’ll help you claim the top spot, beat the competition and dominate your industry.

Genia’s SEO Services in Singapore


At GENIA, we go further than just traditional SEO where we simply identify keywords related to your solutions and optimise for it. We have a vision for every business we work with, and that is to turn you into a content hub that offers a myriad of branded and curated content that answers every possible search your prospect could make. We turn your website into the primary destination for all searches related to your field.

We start with conducting a thorough research on your business, your offerings, your unique propositions and your target market. Based on that, we will identify what your prospects are searching for, the kind of questions they’re asking, the solutions they’re seeking and the kind of content they are currently consuming. We will then work with you to produce content that answers what your audience is looking for and combine it with traditional SEO to get these content ranked on the first page. We will massively increase your traffic and establish you as an expert and authority in your field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will GENIA improve my website's search engine rankings?
We will do so by first understanding your business, your ideal clients, and your unique offerings. We will then identify the different search queries your prospects are making and work with you to produce or optimise your content to answer these queries. We will also do a technical optimisation of your website and then start our link building process.
What improvements can I expect for my rankings?
SEO is a long term strategy that takes time before seeing the results. No SEO company will be able to guarantee results as ultimately Google decides who they want to rank. For most of our clients, at least 10% of keywords rank on the first page within 3 months and at least 30% in 6 months.
How are you different from other SEO agencies?

We’ve had a few companies come to us after working with other agencies and experiencing no improvements in Google rankings and traffic. After auditing these websites, we realised that quite a number of SEO agencies in Singapore conduct very poor keyword research and some don’t even do link building. After taking on these clients, we massively improved their rankings and traffic within just 2 months.

At GENIA we do more than just traditional SEO. We have a vision to turn every client we work with into content hubs, a primary destination for all searches related to our client and not just when the searcher is looking for a solution.

‘I have worked with another SEO company before, specific to my field and niche (Vitality Chiropractic). Caleb and Genia conducted far more research, producing more relevant terms and avenues to explore. In the first 2 months, they produced better results than 6 months with the previous company, for more difficult search terms with more visitors, and were more knowledgeable and supportive in ways we can make improvements ourselves. Highly recommended.’

– Dr Shaan Rai, Vitality Chiropractic Centres.

How much do you charge?

Our SEO services pricing starts from just a thousand dollars per month and depends largely on the number of keywords that we’ll be optimising for.

Is SEO just for brand awareness? Does it actually drive sales?

Yes! When SEO is done well, you will see a significant increase in web traffic, targeted web traffic to be exact. The people going to your website are actively looking for your solutions. Most of our clients report an increase in leads and sales.

Is SEO only for B2C businesses?

No! If you are looking for an accounting system, would you look up yellow pages? Certainly not! You’d google it. All businesses, both B2C and B2B should utilise SEO to bring in sales.

Can I schedule a consultation to understand more before deciding?

Of course! We’ll need to understand your business as well and be 100% certain that SEO is the right strategy for you right now. We are selective on the businesses we work with as we only work with clients we’re sure we can help. Even if we realise that we aren’t a good fit, you can still take the strategies that we shared with you and implement it on your own. Simply click on the WhatsApp button or fill up the form and we’ll be in touch!

Do you provide other digital marketing services?

We specialise in SEO, web designing and copywriting. However, we work with different partners – videographers and photographers, PR agencies, advertising agencies and social media marketing agencies. Speak to us about your goals and we’ll be able to direct you to one of our trusted partners.

Why We’re the Best SEO Company in Singapore

We specialise in helping smaller businesses rank on Google and grow their traffic within a short period of time at an extremely affordable rate.

SEO techniques
SEO techniques
SEO techniques

SEO Fun Facts

Just so you know

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

70% of users ignore paid ads and focus on the organic results

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

We’re good at it

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.

We’ve worked with Caleb and his team on our website and now on SEO. His efforts in SEO have noticeably increased traffic and leads coming through our website. He has been great to work with and we value his counsel gleaned from past clients, flexibility and ability to get things done

Jocelyn Ng-Foo
Founder & Managing Partner, LivingWord Communications

Almost 90% of our new business comes from digital marketing. GENIA has done a great job in delivering leads and traffic. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for digital marketing services. Good job!

Michael Sim
CEO, Praise Music School

I have worked with another SEO company before, specific to my field and niche (Vitality Chiropractic). Caleb and Genia conducted far more research, producing more relevant terms and avenues to explore. In the first 2 months they produced better results than 6 months with the previous company, for more difficult search terms with more visitors, and were more knowledgeable and supportive in ways we can make improvements ourselves. Highly recommended.

Dr Shaan Rai
Founder & Director, Vitality Chiropractic Centres

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