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Caleb Sim

CEO, Genia

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

My name is Caleb. I run GENIA.

We use Semantic SEO to turn $1 into $5, $10, $50 or even $200!

So, if you have a $2000 marketing budget, we can turn that into more than $10,000 of revenue.

How does that sound as an investment in your growth?

I’d say it’s the best you can ever make, whether on a personal or a business level.

Have you been heavily reliant on referrals, or ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing to get you to where you are?

While the best leads do come from referrals, referrals alone cannot scale your business.

It’s unpredictable and unscalable.

Do you feel like you aren’t in control of your business as you don’t have a proven system in place to acquire clients, and there’s nothing you can do to turn on the tap?

Or have you tried running paid ads but haven’t gotten the results you were hoping for – low quality leads, rising lead cost or got no leads at all?

Or do you feel like you don’t have a marketing budget big enough to bring impactful growth?

Some of you might even be spending a considerable sum on marketing but it doesn’t seem to have any real impact on your bottom line.

A business can only scale when there’s consistency and predictability in sales, and that’s what Semantic SEO is built to do.

We Make Growing A Business Easier, Quicker, More Predictable And Less Stressful.


Imagine this:
Having thousands of active buyers visiting your website, eager to find out what you offer.
Having certainty that every single month, you’ll have a consistent channel driving you leads and sales.
Going for sales meetings completely relaxed knowing that you have many other opportunities to close.
Reducing your overall marketing spend as organic traffic alone is already driving more sales than you can handle.
Does that sound good?
This isn’t a dream, it’s reality for many of our clients.
Hear it for yourself

Dr Shaan Rai, Vitality Chiropractic Centres

Michael Lin, Austin Institue of Management

We Help Business Generate An Additional 6 or 7 Figures In Revenue With Semantic SEO

Monthly Leads
Monthly Leads 2
Monthly Leads 2

According to Michael, the owner of the business, they convert 12 out of the 72 leads they receive monthly.

12 x $20,000 = $240,000.

That’s $240,000 in monthly sales from Semantic SEO!

Want to experience growth like Michael?

(Discover How To Generate 6 Figures Every Month From SEO Alone)

You Need To Turn Your Website Into A Revenue-Generating Machine

Every single day, regardless of the situation, there are hundreds if not thousands of buyers out there looking to buy what you sell.

You’re handing all these potential clients right to your competitors on a silver platter by not showing up on Google’s first page.

You’re not only giving them sales, you’re giving them the ability to build up their track record, build up their marketing war chest and build up their brand.

While they are virtually guaranteed revenue by being on the first page, you’re praying that a referral will come by.

While they’re certain that they’ll make an additional 6 figures in the coming month, you’re uncertain if your revenue will even remain.

What Our Clients Say

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.

GENIA has more than 3x our organic traffic in just 5 months.

We’re seeing significant increase in leads and sales! If you’re looking for real business growth, work with them.

Dr. Ryan Yun
Vivid Dental Surgeons

We’ve worked with Caleb and his team on our website and now on SEO.

His efforts in SEO have noticeably increased traffic and leads coming through our website.

He has been great to work with and we value his counsel gleaned from past clients, flexibility and ability to get things done.

Jocelyn Ng-Foo

Living Word Communications

It’s been 9 months working with GENIA and they’ve increased our traffic by 151% and 12x our leads, generating us $240,000/month.

I spend more than 3k/month on paid traffic but for the entire year so far, every single sale was a lead generated by SEO.

If you aren’t working with GENIA, you’re probably wasting money and depriving yourself of sales.

Michael Lin
Auston Institute of Management

We’ve tried social media and even another SEO Agency before GENIA but did not manage to get the results we were looking for.

We wasted a lot of time and money but more importantly, the opportunity to work with more patients.

GENIA has massively increased our leads and sales through just organic traffic from Google and unlike our competitors, we don’t have to advertise heavily or offer huge discounts.

We’re getting calls and enquiries everyday now and I need another doctor!

Dr. Shaan Rai
Vitality Chiropactic

We worked with a SEO agency before working with GENIA but did not manage to achieve the growth we wished for.

Since we started working with GENIA, our rankings and traffic have climbed significantly and we have also seen an increase in calls and incoming patients.

GENIA has been a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend them to any chiropractors or physiotherapists serious about growing their practice.

Dr. Michael Bryant
Elite Spine Centres

Want To Experience Growth Like Michael?

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